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Bodywork components for cars

From the idea to the finished component – we work flat out.

HAI-end bodywork and exterior components

Our enthusiasm for aluminium as a material is also evident in the automotive sector, as well as our commitment to always find the best, top-quality and most innovative solution for our Automotive customers.

Our expertise covers the whole range of products – from recycled primary materials to sophisticated profiles and complex aluminium components. Our work takes account of all aspects of sustainability, and it’s facilitated thanks to trust-based, long-term cooperation agreements with our customers and partners.

We’re also recognised as having a high level of technological expertise, e.g. in relation to crash-resistant alloys and HAI GLOSSAL gloss products (AL 99.7 to AL 99.9).
  • Chassis components such as front and rear axle supports
  • Longitudinal members (threshold profiles)
  • Floor profiles, battery housings
  • Side-crash components (door profiles, side impact protection systems)
  • Hinge profiles
  • Steering column profiles
  • CMS, crash boxes
  • Instrument panel profiles
  • Roll-over protection systems
  • Spaceframe profiles and vehicle body profiles
  • Profiles for roof rail systems
  • Trim profiles
Crash box
Transverse bridge
Transverse bridge
Sill reinforcement
Side member
Cross member

Are you looking for HAI-end vehicle body and chassis components for cars?

Dr.-Ing. J. M. Michael Heußen

Sales Director, Automotive & Transport Extrusion, HAI Group