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Innovative sector solutions

HAI-end aluminium solutions for industry.

From the vision to the initial batch in record time.

For industrial customers HAI provides high-quality aluminium products which – with the help of our customers and the expertise that they have within their own sector – we refine into optimised profiles for specific applications – including for the smallest niche uses.

As a technological leader and aluminium industry expert we advise and support our customers – working as equals in partnership with them – from research and development to the construction of prototypes as well as aluminium production and further processing through to the supply of top-quality products exactly according to specification. 

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  • Systems and machine engineering
  • Electrical industry
  • High-performance heat sinks and heat exchangers
Handling systems
Mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering

Innovative solutions for
systems and machine engineering

Handling systems
Mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering

HAI stands for sophisticated aluminium products – which are now more in demand than ever before in systems engineering. The earlier we get involved the quicker and more efficiently we can find the ideal, customised solution for the customer in relation to the challenges that are involved, however demanding they may be. Whether it’s for automation and materials handling technology or general systems engineering, for textile machinery or medical technology, or handling technology or crane systems.

  • System profiles for automation and materials handling technology
  • Linear guides
  • Special profiles for general machine engineering
  • Precision profiles for textile machinery
  • Support arm and stand profiles for medical technology
  • Handling technology and crane systems
Battery housing
Water cooled heat sink
Cable duct
Electrical engineering

Aluminium products for
sophisticated applications 
within electrical systems

Battery housing
Water cooled heat sink
Cable duct
Electrical engineering

As a further speciality, we offer highly conductive materials for power systems. Our products are also used in lamps and lights, and for cable ducts or electronics housings. Particular attention is also paid to providing a decorative surface.

Here again, we strive to offer our customers ideal solutions. Due to our high level of expertise relating to extrusion presses we can cater for the constantly increasing requirements in relation to electrical systems.

  • Profiles for lamps and lights
  • Profiles for control cabinet housings
  • Busbars for elements of power systems
  • Housings for electric motors
  • Battery housings for industrial applications
  • Cable ducts for electrical installation systems
  • Electronics housings
  • Profiles for workplace systems


Heat exchanger
Heat sink

High-performance heat sinks 
and heat exchangers

Heat exchanger
Heat sink

The manufacture of complex heat sinks is one of our particular specialities. Our years’ of experience in relation to extrusion tools enables us to make high-performance heat sinks and heat exchangers with particularly compact and thin cooling fins. Up to an aspect ratio of 18:1, i.e. ratio of length to distance between the fins. Aluminium elements for heat exchangers are also a part of our product portfolio in this field.

  • Complex heat sinks
  • Aluminium elements for heat exchangers

Our in-house toolmaking operation gives us a competitive advantage within the industry

Thanks to our vertically integrated manufacturing operations, and the fact that we have our own toolmaking operations at the extrusion plants, we can respond even more quickly and flexibly to all our customers’ demands, and create new innovations.

in-house toolmaking


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Marcus Oberhofer

Sales Director for Construction & Industry at EXT Group

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