Building a sustainable Future with from HAI

Producing a sustainable Future with from HAI

Driving a sustainable Future with from HAI

With , HAI makes it easy for customers to credibly reduce their own carbon footprint.

Up to 80%
recycling share
+ 80 %
Reduction of CO2
Emissions up to 80%
– 80 %


Our ambitious sustainability strategy makes HAI a pioneer in lightweight aluminum construction. We are a pioneer in climate protection by using up to 80 percent recycled material and primary aluminum from certified production, generated entirely with electricity from renewable sources. “Our customers are pursuing ambitious emissions targets. With our aluminum products we are your strong partner for achieving your goals”




How HAI achieves a recycling rate of 80 Percent

Lorenz Kögler, Plant Manager HAI Casting Ranshofen, talks about the high recycling rate at HAI. He gives exciting insights into the use of scrap and know-how in the Ranshofen foundry of the HAI Group.


Life cycle assessment factsheet
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SustainAl factsheet
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Sustainability report
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All-round sustainability:
The HAI aluminium cycle

“Recycling and the sustainable manufacturing of our products that is associated with it have become key issues for the future. For us it’s important to ensure that scrap aluminium from all our product segments is efficiently recycled so as to increase our recycling rates and consequently make a contribution to climate neutrality and the circular economy.”

Markus Schober, COO HAI Gruppe