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At HAI we specialise in driving forward innovations and making things happen – based on our quick decision-making processes and our highly flexible response to customers’ wishes combined with speedy implementation. 
Although Hammerer Aluminium Industries has only existed in its present form since 2007, over recent years we have achieved ultra-fast, dynamic and soundly-based growth. Nevertheless, we have still remained faithful to our roots as a family business of outstanding reliability which has a partnership-based approach to working with its customers.

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HAI facts & figures

Sustainability, dynamics, partnership and innovation together with the enhancing of added value are the factors behind the HAI Group’s success.
2022 Turnover (euros)
990 Mio
~ 2.100
Capacity (tonnes)
Capacity (tonnes)


An impressive rate of development
The HAI success story 

The year 2024 is characterised by capacity expansions at HAI.

In Ranshofen, extrusion investments are being made in a highly automated 60 MN extrusion line with all upstream and downstream production systems on an area of around 8,000 m². At the same time, a 14,000 m² state-of-the-art logistics centre is being built in Ranshofen.

At the Romanian site in Cris, investments are being made in a highly automated 40 MN extrusion line with the associated infrastructure and a 25,000 m² hall that provides space for processing and logistics on site.

At HAI Extrusion Germany in Soest, the construction of a 2,600 m² production hall will provide additional space for the intensive further processing of the products extruded at the site into ready-to-install components. A new administration building including a canteen and customer centre is also being built here. Logistics will also be expanded with a warehouse including throughput and mobile racking.

HAI establishes joint venture with Korean company LS C&S, focusing on the production of highly complex aluminium components for electromobility for the Korean market.

HAI puts into operation a third melting furnace for recycling material at the Santana site.

HAI is proud to celebrate 15 years of successful company history.

At HAI Extrusion S.R.L. in Cris (Romania) a new 12,000 m² production unit is being built in order to increase the number of extruders from 2 to 4.

HAI Santana S.R.L. is commissioning a 2nd casting machine. This will increase casting capacity to 140,000 tonnes a year.

In January 2020 Hammerer Aluminium Industries took over the Hydro Extrusion location at Chisineu-Cris in Romania. The new HAI site has two extruders and provides an annual production capacity of roughly 22,000 tonnes. As a result of the acquisition the workforce is increasing to approx. 1,400 employees at seven sites. HAI now has 10 extruders which provide an annual extruding capacity of 100,000 tonnes, and an annual casting capacity of 200,000 tonnes.

In order to drive forward the strategic development of the HAI Group, in June this year the company is taking a majority shareholding in the stretch-forming and sub-contract manufacturing specialist, ASP. There has already been close cooperation between the two companies for several years.

HAI gears up for the future: a 4,000 square-metre fully automated production hall comes into operation at Ranshofen

New building for Riftec GmbH in Geesthacht

HAI looks back over ten years of success. The anniversary year is celebrated appropriately with the entire workforce, but the company doesn’t want to rest on its laurels: the new aluminium extruder in Soest goes into operation. Almost 60 new jobs are created. Another milestone this year is the founding of WestAluTec GmbH.

LEAN EXTRUSIONS becomes part of the HAI Group and now trades as a HAI subsidiary.

Ground-breaking ceremony for the building of new production hall and an aluminium extruder at Soest.

A new extrusion plant is acquired at Soest (D).

The 50/50 joint venture with LEAN EXTRUSIONS marks a further major transfer of technology – now aluminium gloss profiles of less than 40 g per running metre can be manufactured. The site in Romania is expanded again, and the company’s range of casting alloys is also expanded to an annual capacity of about 100,000 tonnes. Further investments are made in the EXTRUSION division: a fully reconditioned press (25 MN) is installed, and the existing 20 MN press is modernised.

RIFTEC GmbH is incorporated into the HAI Group. This extends HAI’s technological expertise: the RIFTEC business based in Geesthacht in Germany is a pioneer in the field of friction stir welding.

The next important step is completed:
the production hall at Ranshofen which was built in 2010 (PROCESSING II) enters operation this year.

In Romania (HAI Santana S.R.L.) a new foundry comes into operation – with a capacity of about 80,000 tonnes per year.

This year marks the beginning of Hammerer Aluminium Industries (HAI for short): the independent family business takes over the EXTRUSION and CASTING divisions. This sets HAI on course for expansion. A modern office block is built at Ranshofen as the new headquarters: it’s the flagship of a young and modern company, and also a ground-breaking fusion of elegance and sophisticated technology.

An innovative extrusion plant is commissioned.

The Ranshofen location has long been associated with the production of aluminium. Aluminium has been produced here since 1939.

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